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Transporting general cargo from Germany to Moscow

Transporting general cargo from Germany to Moscow foto AZB Agentur performs transportation of goods from Germany to CIS countries including Germany-Russia direction. We handle transportation of any level of difficulty as well as transporting general cargo from Germany. Transportation of general cargo from Germany to Moscow comprises large part of all transportation volumes between these two countries as Germany is one of the most active business partners of Russia. The major role in protecting the quality of the goods is played by the quality of transportation process. Even the best goods can lose their qualities because of carelessness while transporting.


          Our company is one of the leaders at the international transportation market. The main rules of AZB-Agentur are punctuality and safety of transportations.

 From the outside the whole process seems rather basic and transportation seems to be a problem-free business. It looks like simply taking any vehicle and stuffing it as much as possible with goods and off you go. Still it is a mistaken view of this work. There are a lot of issues that are involved and should be taken into consideration. First, the delivery should be strictly on time and absolutely undamaged. Second, is the choice of transportation means. Some cargo can be non-standard or fragile. The packaging should also be taken into account as well as the quality of the roads that lie in the route of trip.

Having so many questions to answer, experienced businesses as well as new ones prefer to minimize risks and turn to professionals that are 100% responsible for the outcome of transportation of goods from Germany to Russia.

          AZB-Agentur takes upon itself solving all the problems with hauling cargo from Germany to Moscow. We deal with transportation of general cargo by vehicles within European countries as well as international transporting of merchandise from Germany to Russia and transferring hazardous substances and cargo. We also prepare all the necessary customs clearance documentation and insurance of transported goods.


          Our clients have the possibility to independently bring the goods to our Berlin storehouse for future transportation. By request our company can take responsibility for the whole process of transportation – “from door to door” managing. Storing goods at our storehouse until needed is also an option. All the terms and expenses of storing service are settled individually.

          Storing facilities in Germany (Berlin) and Moscow are equipped conforming to the recent European requirements which allows to store any kinds of goods even those demanding extra low temperatures. Entire process is logged thoroughly and reliably. Loading-unloading stage is done under supervision of experienced employers and the goods are handed out by professional storehouse workers. If cargo came with its package damaged the latter is immediately subject to replacement or fixing. The storehouse works 24/7.


          One of the most profitable transportation plans is transportation of general cargo. Every week we manage transportation of various merchandises from our storehouse. Upon client’s request we arrange express transportation if a cargo is of extra value and needs to be delivered within a very short period of time. Also we are experienced in the sphere of transporting hazardous cargos.

Transportation of goods from Europe to Russia image AZB-Agentur is fully responsible for the customs procedures while transporting. Should problems arise we strive to resolve them with maximum profit for the client. Transporting goods from Germany to Moscow is a time and effort consuming process. Our staff knows all the details of effecting international transportation from Germany. If you need a professional transportation from Germany to Moscow you can hardly find as trustworthy a partner as AZB-Agentur.

We will help with the transportation of goods from cities in Germany:

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