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Transportation of groupage cargoes from Europe to Russia

The first step of transportation process is the correct placing of goods in the warehouse. It is one of the most important challenges in the whole process. That is why we are happy to offer you our professional help.

Groupage cargoes from Germany foto The transportation of groupage cargoes from Europe to Russia is a difficult process. It requires not only to be attentive enough, but much responsibility from the carrier. Our organization has all these traits. AZB-Agentur is ready to make you forget about a lot of unpleasant situations, because we organize the delivery of any groupage cargo by ourselves. We are able to choose the most appropriate and beneficial route due to our huge experience in this sphere.

Groupage transportation with the help of professionals.

The staff of the AZB-Agentur owns all the professional characteristics, which allow them to solve any problem in the sphere of transportation. We will choose the best logistic decision in the sphere of goods’ delivery on the way from Germany to Moscow. It means that freight forwarding will be on the highest level.

AZB Agentur GmbH is ready to offer its clients next services:

  • Freight forwarding from Europe (Germany) to Moscow
  • Help and consultation during the whole process of transportation
  • Execution of documents, which you may need during forwarding (it is not possible to pass customs clearance without them)
  • Information about the process of operation and its storage
  • The whole process of delivery will be made in time

We made a lot of effort to create a team of highly qualified professionals, who organize the delivery at the most appropriate schedule. AZB-Agentur GmbH guarantees to everyone, who needs our help, that the order will be delivered to the recipient in the same state as it has come to us.

If all the documents are correct, the order will move from one place to another without any problems and very quickly. This is the reason, why our specialists execute all the documents carefully.

To make the (groupage) cargo move faster, it is better to use different types of transportation. Such a combination got a special name – multimodal transportation.

Groupage cargoes from Germany to Russia

AZB-Agentur owns all the traits of a professional carrier of (groupage) cargo! Our regular clients are the best evidence of this fact. The number of these clients grows every day: a lot of partners not only from our country, but from abroad, want to cooperate with us! AZB-Agentur GmbH offers you the high level of transportation from Germany to Russia (Moscow) for the best prices!