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Package forwarding from Germany to Russia

German quality is the guarantee that has become solid with years. As a result German goods have become most popular among customers which made Germany the world leader in export. That is why delivery from Germany is a service in demand as well as raises a number of issues: terms, costs, optimal trips, peculiarities of European law. Our company tackles these questions effortlessly.

Package forwarding from Germany foto Germany is the main transportation and logistic joint in the European Union. Cargo is transferred from Germany chiefly by automobiles by the developed network of motorways. Still our specialists are working towards more ecology-friendly methods of delivery. In time automobile transportation will lose its popularity. We deliver large-sized merchandise from Germany by its highly developed railroad – the most extended in the world.
parcel delivery from germany image It connects all major cities of Europe and Russian Federation.
If a client needs to deliver the cargo to Moscow in the quickest possible terms we use airways.
We provide modern transport planes and air-freighters. Still nowadays transfer is usually done by caravans - a train of trucks.

Transportation routes from Germany

As Germany and Russia do not border with each other there is a number of potential transiting countries:

  • Baltic countries;
  • Belarus;
  • Ukraine.

Our company makes decision about the optimal transit country from Germany. The best transit route lies through Baltic countries, but it is also the most expensive one. Transiting Ukraine is an option but has its own issues. It is rather risky to go through Belarus as the cargo has to cross two borders: Poland-Belarus and Belarus-Poland. Even if all the papers are in order there can be unexpected questions and demands from the customs officers. Of course, if the cargo is forwarded by our specialists all the issues are resolved maximally quickly.


Another alternative is to transfer by ferry which takes about 3 days. First the cargo is taken to Saint-Petersburg and then it is taken further into Russia by trucks. Usually ferry transfer is done once a week though the frequency depends on the volume of cargo.


Alternative methods of transportation – waterways and airways – are most effective when the boundary crossings are overloaded. The cost in such case is compensated by the time saved. It is better to invest a little bit more money and have your cargo in time then waste profit because of the long lines at the borders’ customs.