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Groupage Cargo Service, Groupage Shipping - AZB-Agentur.

Groupage Cargo service image AZB-Agentur offers you the whole range of services, connected with international transportation of goods in Europe and Russia. We deliver groupage cargoes, standard and oversized cargoes to Russia. We use reliable logistic schemes in order to avoid possible delays and downtimes. We also help with the customs clearance of cargo. Transportation of groupage cargoes from Germany to Russia is the best way to deliver small parts of goods..

Our company offers not only all types of automobile transportation to Russia (Moscow), but also the storage of goods. Our warehouse in Berlin is equipped with air conditioning and fridge. It allows making all conditions to store any type of good. Consolidation of groupage cargo, its choice and grade is made there. If needed, the package will be strengthened and changed. It is possible to transport goods for several clients at one time with the help of one vehicle. It will save time and money. Transportation of goods to Moscow warehouse is made every week.

Your reliable partner for transportation of goods to Russia.

AZB-Agentur has a lot of schemes of transporting and storing goods. Every client is able to deliver goods to warehouse in Berlin by himself. Then we deliver it to our Moscow warehouse, where the recipient can get it. The time of storage and payment are made beforehand. There is another variant of transporting goods – directly from client to recipient. In this case AZB-Agentur organizes the delivery of goods to Russia. All the terms, which are determined by the client, will be complied. Our stuff will provide the safety of goods through the whole way till the moment, when the recipient gets it.

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Our warehouse works day and night as a matter of convenience of our clients. It is served by professional loaders and stockmen. We offer all loading-unloading procedures. Expiration dates of all products, stored in our warehouse, are carefully checked.

Since the order has been made, we take all the responsibility for documents, including customs clearance. If some problematic situations appear, we try to solve them in favor of the client.

To find a good transporting company is to make your own goods safe!