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General cargo from Germany to Russia

          Every year transporting cargo from Germany to Russia is more and more in demand: dozens of German business partners bring their merchandise to Russian customers. They try to find the logistic company which will turn out to be reliable and maximum efficient at hauling general cargo from Germany and can provide guarantees. Transporting merchandise is profitable for small and medium businesses while importing small quantities of package cargo.

          Foreign hauling (transfer) of general cargo from Germany to Russia is the main task of AZB-Agentur. Besides cargo transportation services Germany-Russia we render additional service of storing the cargo, which is an advantageous distinctive feature of our company among many others. German clients prefer our company to others because of the sizeable accumulating storehouse we possess in Berlin, Germany. It is equipped by the classical European standards.


Who can benefit from transportation of general cargo from Germany?

        A lot of businesses find it profitable to transport merchandise from Germany by truck, airplane or train, but not every business is able to set its own logistic chain and, what is more cost consuming, transfer goods in small quantities. That is why small organizations try to get their cargo to its destination with the help of companies like AZB-Agentur. This is the guarantee of safe and sure delivery to the final destination point for a reasonable price.

The experience and logistic turnover between Europe and Russia that AZB-Agentur fulfills is the security of general cargo of any kind, any destination and characteristics even when it is labeled as “hazardous” and requires specialized conditions of transportation. Our specialists prevent any possible delays and are personally responsible for your merchandise to be received on time with all referring customs’ papers in order.


The transporting procedure at AZB-Agentur

  • General cargo are taken to the company’s warehouse for our specialists to classify it.
  • For all general cargo the company draws up all the necessary documents including those for the customs.
  • The logistic department starts developing most effective trip to be used for the transportation with account to the terms of delivery specified by the client.
  • Experienced storehouse professionals are employed at the stage of loading/unloading of the cargo with all respect to the specificity of the goods: control the shelf-life of the stored merchandise and their duly departure.

          We are responsible for every batch of general cargo through its transportation and storing stages. If the container or packing is damaged our specialists are sure to fix it or replace with a whole one.



Why partnership with AZB-Agentur is comfortable and easy?

  • General cargo is transported exclusively by means of transport owned by the company without any mediators or third parties which is why we can considerably low the prices and risks for the hauling of general cargo from Germany. Moreover, we directly coordinate and report to the sender or the receiver the accurate stage of the transportation and the time of its arrival at the Moscow storehouse.
  • Our own consolidation warehouse in Berlin sends goods from Germany to Russia every week. It takes only 7 days after signing the contract for the order to be delivered to the Moscow storehouse, where its addressee can have it given out at any comfortable time. The receiver of the cargo can come and take the order by himself or his own means of transportation or take use of our delivery service. Couriers fetch our clients with their orders within as little as couple of hours after merchandise gets to the storehouse.
  • We work with the cargo by a carefully devised strict system and that is why there is absolutely no place for a mistake. The company is very experienced in transporting any general cargo from Germany, all the documentation process as well as legal fill-in forms. We are widely known at the Russian-German market of logistic services. Having decided to work with us you are sure to be served by European standards as well as have a 100% guarantee of safety while your cargo is being transported from Germany.
  • Managers at the Berlin office as well as at its Moscow counterpart properly collect and systematize the data about the goods received. In some cases the client sends the cargo to the Berlin storehouse much in advance to its delivery directly to Moscow and the general cargos are kept in the storehouse upon request. The merchandise can be brought to our centralized storehouse not only from across Germany but also from any European country.
  • In Berlin, Germany we have a reserved place for keeping hazardous substances and a refrigerator for storing goods upon reclaim, where loading/unloading is performed quickly and professionally. Orders are compiled around the clock. Before loading into containers we always sort the orders and check the packaging for consistency to replace it in case of damage. Our clients can be sure and do not worry about any unexpected or unpredicted troubles.
  • Every transporting session is documented by our specialists with reference to the terms of delivery and prices for the services rendered. That makes the whole process as much transparent as possible.


If you need your cargo to be urgently delivered from Germany AZB-Agentur GmbH will help you to solve the task quickly and effortlessly!