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Freight forwarding from germany to Russia

A lot of international transportation companies today offer services like:

  • International transportation across Europe and CIS;
  • Transportation of general cargo;
  • International transportation by vehicles;
  • Transportation of merchandise from Europe;
  • Cargo hauling from Germany to Mosco;

Among the number of transportation companies AZB-Agentur is exceptional with its experience and ability to find personal approach and satisfy the needs of most demanding client. When a customer turns to us for transferring general cargo from Germany he is explicitly and accurately updated on every stage of the delivery process:

  • Arriving of the cargo to the warehouse;
  • Filling out the accompanying forms;
  • Loading the cargo;
  • Exact location of the truck;
  • Handing the cargo to the receiver;
Ordering international transportation by vehicles from Europe, namely, Germany to Moscow is performed through legal contract of international delivery – a special form with all expenses accounted in.

AZB Agentur GmbH is leading among providers of international cargo transportation services with the reputation of being solid and reliable. A lot of international companies are our long-term partners.

AZB-Agentur GmbH transports merchandise in the quickest terms and at the highest level of service adhering to all international rules of cargo hauling.

We perform international transportations of cargo and work with all kinds of cargo from foodstuffs to large-sized merchandise.

AZB-Agentur GmbH, performs international transportations by vehicles guaranteeing safety and security of your order though the entire process of transportation, forwarding cargo all the way and adhering to the terms specified.

Besides, we guarantee every client a personal approach and take into account individual specifications as to devising an optimal international transportation route. Also we provide consulting in the field of international transportation.