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Forwarding Service Germany Russia.

Cargo forwarding from Europe to Russsia image Germany is one of the largest exporters of goods and technologies. Germany is popular not for its natural resources, but for the goods this country produces, including appliances, clothing, cosmetics and cars. Both large companies and small businesses trade with German partners. The first ones can organize its own logistics department with Company trucks, but for the latter the groupage cargo delivery is a perfect solution. Cargo can be delivered from Germany to Russia by road or by rail.

Container cargo delivery to Russia

Container cargo shipping from Germany to Russia is in great demand nowadays. The main container transport advantage is that the cargo is loaded in the shipping container and remains there till the unloading at the final destination. It makes loading, unloading and packaging much easier and prevents good from damage during delivery. Containers are gathered at consolidation warehouse in Germany, loaded onto vehicles (road or rail) and follow to the destination.

Customs, insurance, contract

Any international cargo transportation includes not only carriage of the goods, but also customs clearance. For proper customs clearance all documents should be filled out absolutely right, there should be special documents for goods to cross the border. In some cases, for example, when it comes to delivering drugs or cosmetics, it gets even more complicated. Working with such issues is the responsibility of logistics companies that specialize in international cargo transportation. Such a Company should be able to guarantee complete safety of cargoes. It is a great advantage, if the Company has an office in Germany and its staff is fluent in two languages. It means necessary business contacts with the German party are already established, so there will arise no problems when ordering, packaging and loading goods at the warehouse.

Shipments from Germany foto If the carrier is already selected, it is necessary to conclude a delivery agreement. This contract stipulates all the details about the cargo itself, the agreed delivery timescale and the responsibilities of the parties. International freight insurance is an important part of international cargo shipping, especially dealing with expensive or fragile goods. Making insurance for transported goods is a common European practice. Of course, it means some additional expenses, but such costs are necessary. It can be called a price of high quality service.

Which cargo transportation method to choose?

Customers should also select the transportation method: by rail or by road. Of course, there are other modes of transport, but these two tend to compete with each other.
Cargo transportation by rail is a good idea for goods that don’t require any special terms of storage. If the delivery timescale doesn’t play a crucial role, railway carriage is the best choice due to its low cost.
Trucking is usually more expensive. And its price tends to increase together with the fuel price, but this cargo transportation method is much faster. Moreover, trucks make it possible to perform “door-to-door” delivery, making shipping very convenient and saving resources spent on unnecessary handling operations.