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Delivery goods from Germany to the Russia


Delivery of German goods German goods have always been qualitative, reliable and long-lived. All these qualities are proved by the time and experience of their exploitation.

This is the reason, why the delivery of German goods is one of the most popular services.

More and more businessmen are interested in quick and cheap delivery of goods from Germany every year by forming groupage cargoes. We cooperate not only with the heads of enterprises, who import goods, but also with entrepreneurs, who retail popular goods, and with usual people, who want to buy German goods at a low price. One of the main rules of our company is that we cooperate directly with German suppliers.

AZB Agentur owns a heated warehouse in Berlin. Its successful location makes it possible to transport various goods in short terms and form groupage cargoes for international transportation very quickly. This fact influences on the cost of orders for our clients very much.

Our services are rather cheap for our partners. Moreover, when organizing the shipping, AZB Agentur guarantees that there will be no delays in the delivery. Many clients get their orders even earlier then it was written in the contract.

International transportation with AZB Agentur GmbH

AZB Agentur is one of the leaders among logistic companies, who deals with automobile transportation, including “Door-to-Door” terms. Bulk cargoes are transported in minibuses and eurotrucks of large volume and high capacity.

Bulk cargoes imageFor the whole time of our work we managed to find the most reliable ways of delivery. We thought about all possible risks and costs. We built long-lasting and efficient relations with German transporting companies. This fact allows us to provide our clients with the whole range of transporting services in the sphere of international shipping. The company is also famous for one of the most competitive rates on the market.

AZB Agentur is ready to provide clients with the whole range of transporting services, in particular:

  • Delivery of an empty container to the warehouse for loading
  • Customs clearance services
  • Insurance services
  • Optimization of routes and development of effective logistic schemes
  • International delivery of goods
  • Services of warehouse
  • Customs clearance and consolidation at the European and Russian warehouse
  • Organization of customs inspection
  • Certification of cargoes
  • Organization of phytosanitary inspection
  • Delivery of goods to “Door/warehouse” of the recipient
  • Making reports of any type

AZB Agentur has huge experience of automobile transportation from Germany and guarantees quick delivery to any part of Russia in the shortest terms.

Our staff will pay attention to every detail and count a logistic chain as well as will bother about all the problems, connected with transportation.

We will be happy to answer all the questions, connected with cooperation in the sphere of international shipping.