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Customs clearance


Customs clearance is a set of measures associated with import and export of goods. In order to properly, efficiently and quickly perform complex work with customs documentation, you need to get deeper into legal intricacies and nuances of the customs legislation, which takes a lot of time and efforts. It will be much easier to seek competent assistance for having all necessary documents prepared.
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One of the services offered by AZB-Agentur is customs clearance of products transported abroad and trucks that deliver cargoes from Germany. We gladly assist our customers in obtaining necessary documentation, as well as in making customs control and cargo delivery from Germany to Moscow faster. Qualified managers from AZB-Agentur Company organize customs clearance right from the declaration of cargo to be moved across the border. For our clients we will make a declaration that fully complies with all customs legislation standards, providing all details about goods imported into Russia. Besides, we provide customs clearance of trucks transporting cargoes from Germany to Moscow.

Customs clearance procedure primarily implies filling out documents in accordance with customs legislation. It requires perfect knowledge, expertise and experience in this field, because consequences of careless or incompetent actions can be very sad. For this reason, we recommend to entrust AZB-Agentur Company with this task.

AZB-Agentur competently performs its tasks and our staff has great knowledge and experience in the field of customs clearance. Acting as a customs representative, AZB-Agentur renders the entire spectrum of customs services.



  • Careful study of documents for proper clearance of cargoes;
  • Definition of the product code on the basis of Intrastat Classification Nomenclature;
  • Customs valuation of freight;
  • Calculation of customs duties and their subsequent payment;
  • Preparation of transaction passport;
  • Customs clearance, etc.

AZB-Agentur Company will help you avoid unexpected stops along the route, spoilage of products, extra expenses, payments and fines that can hurt your company's reputation. Our experts will organize your cargo clearance in the proper form as required by customs legislation. In no time you will get all the licenses, certificates and test results, if required. With AZB-Agentur you will skip the paperwork, and avoid possible mistakes and forced stoppages of your cargo at customs.