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AZB-Agentur Company Services

          AZB-Agentur GmbH Company offers a full range of cargo transportation services to Moscow from Germany and other European countries. Due to our great experience in this field, we have developed a unique approach to the provision of services, which allows us to perform our tasks at a high level.

We offer you the following services:

  • Loading and unloading at all stages: at the place of departure, at the cargo temporary storage in warehouses (logistics centers), and upon cargo receipt at the warehouse in Moscow. Cargo loading and unloading is carried out by qualified specialist taking into account the characteristics of your goods;
  • Organization of cargo temporary storage at consolidation warehouses, equipped in accordance with all the requirements for warehouses and logistics facilities, located in European countries, as well as at those in the Company's ownership. As part of this service our Company can perform such tasks as, for example, renewing the cargo packaging in case of its damage during loading or transportation;
  • Assistance in documents preparation for cargo customs clearance taking into account all cargo characteristics and customer's instructions;
  • Cargo insurance. We offer several options of international freight insurance. You can choose, for example, risk insurance (like accidents, theft, damage by third parties, etc.), or comprehensive insurance. Risk insurance implies protection against risks associated with the cargo, and also vehicle driver's responsibility, health and accidence insurance of the freight forwarder, etc.;
  • Notifications about cargo departure and arrival to the final destination;
  • Selecting optimal routes for cargo delivery to the final destination as soon as possible.

Taking into account the type of cargo

          When executing the order our experts take into account the type of cargo and special requirements for its transportation. Based on this information we select the transportation method that would meet these requirements best. We have a large range of vehicles available - from minibuses to eighteen-wheelers.

Payment after delivery

          One of the hallmarks of our Company is accepting payments after delivery. Client pays for the Company services upon the cargo receiving in Moscow. This principle helps to avoid possible troubles and misunderstandings, and provides confidence in the successful execution of the order.