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Cargo shipping from Germany to Russia.

International transportation of cargoes foto Nowadays the competitive ability of the company, which works in the sphere of transportation, depends on the quality of organization of international transportation of cargoes. All companies, which export and import goods, want to get qualitative services of transportation. This is the work of AZB-Agentur GmbH. Strategically important partnership in the sphere of international trade and economic relations is the first thing, which connects Russia and Germany.

Economic crisis has become the last brightest economical event, from which world economy hasn’t come out yet. This period is difficult for all of us and it is very important to save and develop trade and economic relations with the companies of Germany. AZB-Agentur specializes in international transportation from Germany to Moscow. AZB-Agentur will help you to save the most strategically important relations with German companies.

AZB-Agentur has huge experience in the sphere of international transportation and urgent transportation from Germany to Moscow - it is the first thing that we want our clients to know. Due to this experience we offer all the services at high level.

Influence of routes on international transportation.

Specialists from AZB-Agentur developed the best routes for international transportation of any types of goods, considering all the risks, unexpected situations and lower expenses. All the time they try to make these routes better, that is why we always save our regular clients and make new people be interested in our service. We monitor the location of the cargo being transported through the whole way. The staff of AZB-Agentur will find an individual approach to everyone. If you work with us, you may be sure that all the information will be totally private.

AZB-Agentur GmbH makes forwarding from Germany to Russia (Moscow) by minibuses and trucks of high volume and different capacity. Every type of transport is licensed.

AZB-Agentur GmbH specialists offer their clients further logistic services:

  • Providing all the documents for successful customs clearance during the transportation, including all the accompanying documents for the goods according to international and Russian standards.
  • Shipping of cargoes from any part of Germany to Moscow
  • Creating the most appropriate logistic schemes and optimization of the routes
  • Customs clearance, and also processing and consolidation of goods being transported in different warehouses of Europe and Russian Federation
  • The delivery of goods to the recipient according to the standards and requirements
  • Insurance of the goods being transported
  • Making the reports on all the questions, which are interesting for our clients
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Everything that has been just said means that AZB-Agentur doesn’t have any restrictions or difficulties in international transportation.

We don’t know any boarders – we will transport any type of goods in the shortest terms. If you need experienced, reliable, professional partner – contact us!