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AZB-Agentur GmbH: Cargo delivery from Germany

Are you searching for transportation of general cargo from Germany to your Russian partners? Perhaps you need a single cargo shipment from Germany? Our transportation company is at your service to transport general cargo from Germany to Moscow.

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          Cargo is exported from Germany to Russia by railroad, airway or automobiles. Our company is immensely experienced in logistics. Our clients can opt for freight insurance, warehouse services and customs clearance. It can be foodstuffs, merchandise, various chemicals, equipment and many more.

          No matter your chosen transportation way we provide personal approach to every client. That is why we can satisfy all the clients’ preferences and needs at their utmost. Our regular transportation trips Germany-Russia are performed once a week. Due to the expert logistical designing we can substantially shorten the time of delivery. We can also devise an individual trip to fit your personal requirements.

          As a means of transportation we provide special cargo vans and European-type trucks with enhanced volume and carrying capacity. They enable us to transfer large-sized cargos. All the means of transportation at our disposal are licensed.
Before starting the transportation of cargo from Germany we fill out all customs specifications and that makes the order legally supported.


          If you may need any additional documentation on transfer you can order it at our specialists’. Our managers will render professional help with any required information concerning delivery of merchandise from Germany to Russia.

          All the cargo on the delivery list is accumulated at our storehouse in Germany first. Deliveries in the Moscow direction are performed once a week. Both German and Russian provided storehouses are clean, equipped with heating and security measures and work around the clock. Besides, we provide temporal storing place in case of need. Having ordered delivery of cargo from Germany to Moscow at AZB-Agentur you can be sure that our services answer to the proficiency claimed! Our constant clients entrust their deliveries to AZB-Agentur time after time.

We will help with the delivery of goods from cities, like:

Aachen Erfurt Koblenz Osnabrück
Augsburg Essen Konstanz Paderborn
Bad Homburg vor der Höhe Flensburg Krefeld Plauen
Bad Kreuznach Frankfurt am Mein Leipzig Potsdam
Baden-Baden Frankfurt Oder Luebeck Quedlinburg
Bad-Hombur Freiburg Lüneburg Reutlingen
Berlin Fulda Magdeburg Rosenheim
Bielefeld Fürstenwalde Mainz Rostock
Bochum Gelsenkirchen Mannheim Saalfeld
Bonn Giessen Marburg Saarbrucken
Braunschweig Hagen Merzerburg Schwerin
Chemnitz Halle München Solingen
Cologne Hamburg Munster Stralsund
Darmstadt Hannover Neuruppin Stuttgart
Dessau Heilbronn Nürnberg Trier
Dortmund Hildesheim Oberhausen Zwickau
Duisburg Karlsruhe Offenburg  
Düsseldorf Kassel Oldenburg  
Eberswalde Kiel Oranienburg