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Cargo consolidation and warehousing in Germany

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AZB-Agentur has its own logistic warehouses that can store groupage cargoes of various sizes and dimensions. Loading and unloading of goods is carried out using modern equipment and new effective methods of laying, palletizing, packing and fast labeling. All this allows us to complete quickly all the tasks of freight forwarding.

The greatest advantage of using AZB-Agentur cargo consolidation services is reasonable prices in comparison with those offered by other companies.

In our warehouses, we can store your goods as long as it is necessary; in case you need such a service, the area of our warehouses makes it possible to store goods of different sizes for a quite a long time.

Cargo consolidation is a part of our logistics system. Our professional staff will pack your goods, securing it from any damages possible, and will deliver it to the final destination. By using cargo consolidation service provided by AZB-Agentur, you can significantly save on transportation costs.

Stages of cargo consolidation:

  • Delivery – cargo consolidation and trucking across the country;
  • Temporary storage – groupage cargo is placed in warehouses for temporary storage. This warehouse is located on the territory of customs terminal. Goods can be stored there until the customs clearance is completed. It is very convenient for both the carrier and the customer.

Advantages of groupage cargo delivery performed by our Company:

  • affordability - you can significantly cut down the shipping costs. The payment sum is calculated in accordance with the requirements of consolidated cargo transporting;
  • acceleration of sales - with the help of groupage cargo transportation the range of products for sale can be updated very quickly, supplying goods along with cash transfer. Consolidation of cargoes from Germany enables to deliver small consignments to Moscow in a short time. Thus businesses can quickly respond to changes occurring in the market;
  • «door to door» cargo delivery – AZB-Agentur delivers consolidated cargo to the recipient's warehouse. This service allows reducing transportation costs and risks, as well as increasing the quality of transportation services in general;
  • customs clearance performed by our staff. Our customers save a lot of time having no need to work with documents. AZB-Agentur independently negotiates with customs officials, and has profound knowledge in this field, so the paper work is done correctly and competently.

When delivering cargo from Germany to Russia it is necessary to fill out a large number of documents, so it is much better to use professional service.